Thursday, September 26, 2019

Modern Childhood and Institutions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Modern Childhood and Institutions - Essay Example From this study it is clear that the people in that particular space are tasked with determining how the place will be and the set of rules that will govern it. The way that a person adapts to the spatial space depends on that particular individual. One may decide to let the place influence him or her or may be the one to influence the place. Schools have successfully managed to create space for the children through several spatial disciplines. For instance, they have managed to create a learning space for the children. Through this, children gain knowledge on various topics that they would have not attained had they not attended the institution. This is considered as an investment for their future because it is through education that they will have careers and they are encouraged to put plenty of effort to make sure that they succeed. Learning can be done in classrooms or any other means that the teacher deems fit. The teachers have a role of encouraging the children to study. As th e paper highlights schools have also developed play spaces for children. Children need to relax their minds even though they do not do much. It is unnecessary to strain the brain of a child. They need time off and this is best done by playing. The playing area should be big enough to accommodate the children and allow them to play freely. There should also be a variety of games that the children can be engaged in. The children should always be supervised in the play area. This is because some children may get hurt when playing and it is important for a mature person to always be in charge so as to handle such a case efficiently. Schools also develop spaces that enhance social skills for children. The school environment facilitates the interaction of children from different backgrounds who come together with the aim of gaining education. The children interact and learn different things from each other. Friendships are made as they find it easier to relate with each other.

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