Thursday, October 17, 2019

English - School Lunches Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

English - School Lunches - Research Paper Example As the school bell rings for lunch, children rush to the canteen to fill their hungry stomachs. Most schools have a menu from which children can select for their lunch. The lunch time for the kids is a time not only to energize themselves but also to sit with their friends and have a good time. However though, there are certain concerns which are going unnoticed by the school authorities. Concerns A lot of teachers have noticed a tired set of students attending the classes which are conducted after lunch. The reason for tiresome students has been the food they consume. Most schools though are not able to provide healthy food to the students. This has been a problem for most of the schools. In most schools, the menu for lunch reads a list of junk foods which is wrong. Looking at the menu, children have no other option but to consume them. The school authorities should take responsibilities and stop selling junk foods. One of the main reasons why junk food should be stopped is it affec ts the health of the children a lot. It is the major reason for child obesity. To be unfit and obese at a young age is a concern. Survey has shown that 32% of the youngsters are obese. One can accept the fact that such food is sold outside to earn money but it is unacceptable when such food is sold in schools. Due of the lack of fresh foods and healthy foods, students buy cheap junk foods. Pizzas, pastas, chips, cookies and burgers form the main menu in school lunches. Consumption of these means a lot of sugar is consumed by the children. School lunches have a high level of sugar content in them. Healthier food would mean that the obesity rate is reduced. Another reason why cafeterias should not serve junk food is that it keeps the energy levels of the children low. High energized food shall help the children to maintain good focus and participate in sports as well. Lunch is the most important since it falls in the middle of the day. Consuming junk food will extracts all the energy and reduces the physical activity. One cannot perform to their potential if they do not have enough energy. In one of the schools, children complained of less stamina while practicing soccer. When the coach investigated in their diet, he found out that most of them had a packet of chips and soda before practice. He advised them not to consume fried and fatty foods before exercising since it consumes most of the energy from the body. Studies have shown that the most commonly food consumed by children is cookies, candy, cakes and ice cream. This is also the reason for children losing energy during their noon classes. He stressed on the importance of consuming healthy and natural food which give energy to our bodies. Despite schools imparting knowledge to the children on how to remain healthy, sometimes they miss out on providing healthy food to them. The authorities should notice this and make sure that children are provided good food. Quality Most of the science classes teach the chi ldren that good food is the secret of a healthy life. However though, the same is not followed in schools. Authorities take a lot of effort to make sure that children get tasty food, but they miss out on the quality. In an era where health has been given primary importance, schools have neglected that. Parents have complained that their children are suffering from illness frequently and their immune systems have gone down. An inspection conducted by the officials brought a

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