Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Strategic Business Analysis of Nike Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Strategic Business Analysis of Nike - Term Paper Example ences 17 Executive summary The world of the 21st century is progressing at a rapid pace, on the line of fast change and tremendous development. It is important to highlight that the fast change of the current centuryare being powered on the lines of highly connected telecommunications technology that has advanced in a tremendous way in the recent past. It needs to be mentioned that throughout the previous decade. There was a tremendous surge in the penetration of internet - based connectivity in various parts of the world. As a result of a fact acceptance of the single mode of connectivity which has developed on the lines of internet powered virtual platform in various corners of the world, it needs to be mentioned that the world has transformed into a single connected global entity. This has increasingly paved the way for easy synchronization of various trends related to globalization that are emerging from the different corners of the world. (International, 2011, p. 32) ... 158). With the growing entrance of new companies in the markets of the emerging as well as the developed economies, there is a rise in the number of substitute products as well as the number of alternatives that exist in the market. The rising number of substitute products and services is automatically providing more power to the consumers (Hirschey, 2009, p. 504). This is naturally leading a strong hand in regards to increasing the level of competition in various markets around the world. Talking in this regards, it needs to be highlighted that in order to create a factor of distinction as well as develop an arena of unique strengths in the face of extreme competition in the marketplace, it is very important for an organization to engage in the process of conducting a strategic analysis on a periodic as well as regular manner. Talking in regards to the project, it can be said that this particular research based assignment focuses on the process of providing an in-depth analysis of N ike Inc, which is considered one of the most popular multinational brands of the division related to athletic footwear and apparel in the recent times. Strategic Analysis of a company and its importance Strategic analysis of a company forms a very important part of the strategic management of a company. From the academic point of view, strategic management is the process of identifying, evaluating as well as implementation of strategies so as to meet organizational objectives. From the importance point of view, it can be said that the strategic management is highly critical as it provides a well planned process related to analyzing as well as usage of tools and frameworks for studying the internal and external environment

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