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Fire in vestegation proposel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Fire in vestegation proposel - Essay Example The objectives of the study are: 1) review techniques and approaches used in the investigation of fires in facilities; 2) develop an approach for the investigation of fire in facilities; and 3) recommend good practices for the investigation of fire in facilities. According to Burgoyne (1982), fire investigations are conducted in various circumstances for various purposes. However, the sole objective is to determine the cause of fire. Fire investigation is best conducted like a scientific research project, where a hypothesis is formed and refined in steps. The process involves the collection of evidence. These results in conclusion that is in closest conformity with the evidence ascertained, and expressed in a report that is well constructed. Often, practical considerations may lead to curtailing of the process. However, the different sources and kinds of evidence require balanced attention. According to Kobes et al. (2010), a critical aspect of safety in a building is the possibility of safe escape in the event of a fire. Fire safety facilities must enable independent and adequate fire response performances by the occupants of the building. Practically, legal measures do not always provide support for people in burning buildings. This has necessitated the understanding of how individuals behave in the event of fire, and fire evacuation becomes essential. This enables bringing fire safety measures in line with occupants needs in the event of fire. Critical factors that determine occupants’ fire response performances include characteristics of fire; human beings; and buildings. Psychonomics has a significant influence on occupants’ fire response performances. The traditional approach to fire safety must be supplemented by scientific knowledge from the field. Critical factors that determine fire response performance include fire response performance; danger factor of fire; the human factor; and the

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