Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Reading Assessment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reading Assessment - Assignment Example The current immigrants are different from the earlier immigrants in the sense that they form the source of terrorists and other ill intention arrivals with an objective of destroying the United States. John Amagoalik quote emphasizes relevance of Nunavut to original inhabitants of Australia and Greenland, Canada. Amagoalik argues that preserving Nunavut would assist Inuit and Aboriginals in protecting the erosion of their culture and history. Therefore, Nunavut existence remains symbolic of Aboriginals and Inuit historical reality. Gurston Dacks quote contradicts ideas advanced by Amagoalik. He argues that Nunavut have no particular value. Dacks, further states that Nunavut existence would only revoke postwar ideals rather than infer benefits to Austrian or Canadian community (Smith, 1971). Clash of civilization theory proposes that post-Cold War would result from peoples’ religious and cultural identities. Media arguments and research findings support clash of civilizations theory. Media reports on continued disagreements between Islam community and the Western countries relates to the theory. Contemporary media news reports that Islamic communities have decided to form militant movements that reject Western values and way of living. Unfolding religious and cultural events prompts for analysis to support clash of civilizations theory. Cultural and religious differences between Islam and Christian community require insightful analysis and professional views to ascertain clash of civilizations

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