Friday, October 4, 2019

Essay questions Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 15

Questions - Essay Example The caliphate period also started in this century. In this century Hazrat Ali and his sons were martyred. That was the point when shiism came into being when the opponents regret the martyrdom. The 8th century was known as the golden period of Islam. It’s when Islam gained its roots in the major countries. Many mosques were built; mathematicians were there to invent new solutions such as algebra. The Mongol invasions left a great impact on the Muslim empire. At first it brought glorious days when Babur and Akbar were the rulers but then it declined drastically because they started enjoying the luxuries and forgot about the empire. The wealth was wasted on wars and building palaces. Many rebellions stood up to weaken the empire even more. The Iranian experience is based on the class, cultures and traditions of Iran. The cultures are followed from an Islamic point of view. The class is differentiated on the basis of the wealth the society has. The classes have different views and traditions. For example: The primary source of kinship is security. Zoroastrianism is the pre-Islamic religion which emerged in Iran (previously known as Persia) and established its roots in India. The followers believe in one invisible God and one sacred book. Their beliefs are laid upon the monotheistic and dualistic

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